Our Story

Welcome to Reign International Hair

This is our story.


Hi, thank you for stopping by! We are Reign International Hair, a hair extensions company. We believe that everyone deserves to have the hair of their dreams. That’s why we’re here - to help you transform and LOVE your hair.

Above all, we believe in bringing value to every single one of you by providing exceptional products and customer service.




We pride ourselves on providing beautiful, high end, top-quality products. All of our hair is 100% virgin human hair, free of slave labor or unsavory business practices, sourced from the temples of India. As we are our own manufacturer and supplier of our 100% virgin Indian hair, we can provide the best quality for single bundles and wholesale orders.


Each and every one of our customers know beauty and luxury. We ensure that our tresses exceed our customers' expectations and strive to deliver excellent customer service. We are there for our customers whenever an issue should arise, wherever in the world they may be. 


We have been making our own beautiful hair extensions for the last 20 years, crafting each piece with equal love and care. We pride our company based on creating our own beautiful tresses, using virgin Indian hair and weaving each piece by hand.