Step Inside Our Factory

We accept no substitutions when it comes to providing the highest quality tresses for our Empresses. Learn how our products come to be: filled with love and care for our planet, for each other, and for ourselves.


Our Mission

At Reign International, we believe that beauty radiates both from the inside and out. Quality is our top priority - starting with our sources from the temples of India, to our factories with fair labor practices, to our commitment to supporting cancer research. This shines through in our tresses directly to you.



Our Product

Reign International Hair extensions are sourced from real virgin Indian human hair. The hair is voluntarily donated by Hindu temples throughout India. Indian hair is considered to be the best hair: hair cuticles are kept intact, the texture is easy to work with, and it has a long lifespan. Our hair is sorted piece by piece to select the most luscious and beautiful hair for every possible hair length. 



Our Packaging

Our planet is a top priority at Reign International Hair. Our tresses are packaged in beautiful, durable, recyclable boxes. This package can be kept and used to safely store your hair whenever it is not in use.